Monday, 5 December 2016

What's going on....

I've nearly finished renovating my workshed, so I am almost ready to resume working and about time. I am getting itchy fingers for the clay! 
Meanwhile I've been having a studio sale of some good quality work uploaded to Rippingham Art Online, and delivered work to Buckenham Galleries. 
Just because I can I thought you might like a glimpse of some of the promotional imagery being used at Curocarte.  The magazine image is of course, GQ. Still can't quite believe it, but I am making the most of it  as they say!


Friday, 18 November 2016

Winter Show at Buckenham Galleries 2016

Busy sorting out vases and sculptures and parcelling up pots for the winter show at Buckenham Galleries   in Southwold this year. Here's some of  the pots prior to boxing up. 
It's been a year to savour, and I always enjoy showing work at one of my favourite galleries in Suffolk!

Sunday, 13 November 2016

GQ Magazine India

Just been told that one of my pots is featured in an article in GQ magazine India.
It gets more and more bizarre every day! It took me a while to work out what the mag actually was...stands for Gentlemen's Quarterly I think? Nice.

Meanwhile, production has ground to a halt, whilst I paint and generally clean out the workshed. Paranoid about the hazards of clay dust, I decided for health and safety reasons, it was high time.
Can't wait to get it finished and back to making,

Monday, 24 October 2016

Christmas edition of Craft and Design Magazine

Very pleased to be included in the gallery section of Craft and Design Magazine. A close up view of a two tone dish  and a gold-green "Pisces." Thanks guys!

Meanwhile I am taking a break from potting to re jig the workshed, paint and clean, and re lay some flooring. As I get older I can't stress enough the need for a tidy shed what with clay dust etc. Got to be done!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Onwards with Curocarte

Well I am busy making new work, not quite over the recent (pleasant) shock of the visit of those lovely Curocarte people all the way from India to my workshop in Essex!
But work is progressing, thrown work complete, awaiting firing, and now slab pots being constructed.  I can't wait to get the batch complete and the fun part of actually rakuing again.

In the meantime, I am just so proud to be associated with Curocarte in India.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

An Indian adventure

Well the dust has settled now and I can tell you about a lovely opportunity  to team up with Mumbai based company, CuroCarte. Founded by Ananya Birla, Curocarte aims to source work by artisans from around the world to showcase their talents in an online design/retail website. From what I gather it is mainly aimed at the emerging Indian market and all I can say is that I am "chuffed" with the link up.

I was visited by Pragya Awashthi who came direct from Mumbai to my studio and workshop. I cannot praise Pragya enough and the founding principles of the company, the website is now live and you can judge for yourself.

I have to keep pinching myself that this actually just happened. Well back to reality, back to the workshed...


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Lovely lava...crater glaze tests 2

Some interesting stoneware crater and textural glazes tests. I think there may be something workable in these tests for a sculptural piece.The colours are more muted and stoney, but it might just work on a larger sculptural piece..

I really enjoyed seeing these results, reminds me of the need to experiment!